A decontamination service that gets
your business back up and running within an hour of completion

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If you require a quote or would like to order please call us on 01204 938389.

Our call centres are busier than usual and our priority is to help vulnerable customers and those most in need, this does mean that it could take longer than usual to answer your call.

Who Are We?

The Decon-Lab teams are specialists in providing decontamination services to a wide range of UK businesses. We know that timing is essential, that’s why we pride ourselves on using the most efficient technology that enables us to have your business completely disinfected, and back open within an hour of completion.

Our customers include restaurants, offices, gyms, bars, clubs and universities and we also receive regular enquiries to disinfect people’s homes. In these times of uncertainty we believe that we have a duty to help any business we can, regardless of size or sector.

Our Service

The Coronavirus has reminded us all about the importance of infection prevention within a business environment.

Decontamination services are an essential step in sterilising and disinfecting your business. Decontamination reduces and removes contamination due to harmful substances and infectious organisms, meaning that your customers can feel reassured that they are in a clean, safe environment.

Our decontamination team will disinfect your premises using Electrostatic sprayers and all our products are certified and accredited to a high standard.

We know that time is money for any business and we’ve perfected our decontamination service so that you can have your business back up and running within an hour of completion.

The Cost

It really is simple! All you need to do is let us know the square foot of your business and from there we’ll get you a quote out within 60 minutes. We know that with all the uncertainty businesses are struggling at present, are we’re pleased to let you know that our prices don’t break the bank!

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